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July 2017

7 Advantages of experiencing Culture Shock

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What is Culture Shock?

Culture shock is defined as an emotional disorientation – characterised by feelings of confusion, uncertainty, shock and sometimes anxiety. It occurs when you are placed in a foreign environment far away from your hometown, family and friends – your comfort zone.

Most people can experience a degree of homesickness and distress at the beginning of their journeys. Being exposed to a new language, sounds, tastes, sights, smells, people and a completely different culture can be a breath-taking and overwhelming experience.

Although many of us who travel experience a certain degree of culture shock, it’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, experiencing culture shock can be a very positive thing, especially for young adults, because it gives you the opportunity to discover another self.

Here are just only 7 benefits of  exposing yourself to a CULTURE SHOCK:


7 Advantages of Experiencing Culture Shock

7 Advantages of Experiencing Culture Shock