China Connected

China Connected


After three decades of phenomenal growth, in 2010, China overtook Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy just behind the US. China’s rapid economic development has helped to lift millions out of poverty. As a result, the standard of living for the 1.4 billion Chinese citizens has greatly improved with better housing, education, healthcare and more disposable income, giving rise to demands for foreign goods and services.

Do you work with Chinese customers or suppliers and would like to make more of the relationship? Has your business tried but less than successful with your attempt? Are you considering making a serious attempt at breaking into the Chinese Market? Have you ever wondered what is like to work and live in China either for a short time or a few years? If your answer to any of these question is “yes’, our China Connected business short course series would be ideal for you, your colleagues or employees. These short courses can be taken as part of your Continuous Professional Development either together or as stand-alone programmes depending your needs and availability.

In October/November 2017, we piloted our first Business Short Course Series – China Connected with fantastic feedback from those who were able to attend. With some minor amendments, we are running these again throughout 2018.

For the above reasons, we are proud to launch our inaugural business short-course series: China Connected. This series covers the following three strands:

Business Chinese Mandarin
Doing business in China
Working and living in China

These can be taken together or as stand-alone programmes depending on the needs and interests of the candidates. Each of these strands can also be further expanded in depth or breadth when the need arises.

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Business Chinese (Mandarin)


This engaging short course will provide candidates with the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of the Chinese language structure and associated business etiquette, to learn some basic greetings, introductions and simple conversation in a business and social context, and to improve their confidence in interacting and building rapport and strengthen business relationships with Mandarin speaking colleagues and clients.


This course aims at business professionals who have regular contacts with business associates from Mandarin-speaking regions or plan to undertake periods of assignment or to relocate to a Mandarin speaking region and need to be able to communicate effectively with their counterparts at all levels.


Whilst the precise content of the course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and entry level of Mandarin proficiency and what you aspire to achieve, it will typically cover the following:

· Sounds and tones
· Simple greetings
· Basic introductions
· Exchanging business cards
· Simple conversations
· Chinese holidays
· Associated cultural etiquette
· Commonly used character signs

We are pleased to launch this at an introductory price – £120 for 6 weeks. To book your place, click on the button below:

Doing Business in China


This interactive short course provides candidates with the opportunity to gain an insight into the changing business culture, etiquette and practices in China and to acquire some practical tools to maximise their business potential.


This short course would be ideal for business professionals who are considering doing business in China, who wish to enhance their relationships with their Chinese partners or who employ Chinese nationals.


This short course will cover the following:

• Changing macro business environment
• Regional variations and opportunities for foreign business
• Forms of business engagements with China and the associated risks
• The importance of ‘Guanxi’ and ‘Mianzi’ in business relationships
• Management styles and working practices in Chinese business organisations
• Chinese business communication and negotiation styles

We are pleased to launch this at an introductory price – £50 per session. To book your place, click on the button below:

Working and Living in China


This interactive short course provides candidates with the opportunity to gain an insight into the realities of working and living in China and offers practical tips on how to make the most of their time in the country.


This short course will be of particular relevance to business professionals who need to undertake regular assignments or are about to relocate to China.


This short course will cover the following:

• Impact of history and culture on contemporary work and life
• Importance of ‘Guanxi’ and ‘Mianzi’ in daily life
• Boundaries between work and life
• Socialising with the Chinese
• Chinese notion of privacy
• Dos and Don’ts when living in China

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About Dr Lee Zhuang
Head of Academic Development

Educated in China and the UK to PhD level, Dr Lee Zhuang’s three decades progressive and rewarding career in Higher Education (HE) has given him an excellent understanding of all aspects of HE and every step of the student journey. Having travelled extensively to over 20 countries in four continents of the world and to 26 out of the 33 provinces, municipalities and special administrative regions of China has broadened his HE knowledge to include the changing landscape of international HE and the evolving needs of learners from different cultures.
As an active researcher, Lee has published widely in areas such as strategic management, innovation management, cross-cultural communication, a Sino-foreign joint venture management and Transnational Education (TNE). His publications were included in three consecutive rounds of RAE submission between 1995 and 2006. Moreover, he has reviewed research papers for the Journal of Technology Management in China and the Journal of Knowledge-Based Innovation in China and was awarded ‘Outstanding Reviewer of the Year’ in 2012 by the Emerald Group.

In his 30 years’ HE career in a variety of roles, in addition to longterm partnerships between academic institutions in different countries, Lee has also effectively facilitated fruitful business links between academia and businesses both in the UK and abroad. JCB, the Stoke-on-Trent City Council, China Petrol-Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) and the Liaoning Provincial Government are just a few examples.
Building on his extensive experience of International HE and bridging communities between academia and business practitioners, Dr Lee Zhuang has developed these short-courses to help local
businesses in Staffordshire to effectively tap into the emerging business opportunities in China and reap the well-deserved rewards in time. He will also lead the delivery of these courses.